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What We Do

Pocono Pharmaceutical is a contract manufacturer of transdermal, topical products and kinesiology tapes, customized to meet our customer’s needs. We contract manufacture a wide range of transdermal drug delivery and topical products in our manufacturing facility in North Carolina, USA.

Our products are 100% Made in America and are held to the highest quality standards. Nothing is outsourced to foreign countries. We make all products under our own roof.

Here at Pocono Pharmaceutical, we specialize in manufacture of transdermal patches and topical products. We are continually innovating, and finding new ways to optimize our manufacturing processes to meet the needs of our customers.

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Transdermal Patch

The Manufacturing Process involves mixing biocompatible, medical adhesive with the desired deliverable formula in powder form, coating the formulation onto a backing material, and then die-cutting the material into a usable product based upon the customer’s design. 


Pocono іs a leading transdermal patch manufacturer that has the knowledge, experience, and converting capabilities to help get your product to market quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Topical Patches​

Topical Patches are similar to transdermal patches except they are designed for local delivery of the active ingredient. Topical patches typically contain a polymeric adhesive matrix, with the active ingredient that is sandwiched between a backing film and a release liner.

The difference lies in the site of action. Topical patches are designed with the physical placement of the patch in mind, with an emphasis on localized delivery whereas transdermal patches are designed with the goal of maximizing delivery of the product into the bloodstream. As a result, topical patches are designed to be used to alleviate localized conditions.

Pocono is experienced in both topical and transdermal drug delivery technologies. As an experienced patch manufacturer we are happy to assist you with the design and production of your topical patch product or answer your questions you may have.

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Kinesiology Tapes

Pocono is a highly capable and experienced contract manufacturer of kinesiology tape. We have a fully compliant quality system with rigorous QC procedures and maintain a high quality production operation. We offer unlimited tape designs (colors and shapes) and a wide range of packaging options to cater to the needs of our buyers.

Pocono’s customers include brand name companies from Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. Target your specialized market segment with your own fabulous design style and BRAND logo today!

Pocono will be happy to assist you with the manufacturing k type or answering your questions.

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