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Pocono Pharmaceutical is located in Cherryville, North Carolina, USA and has been contract manufacturing for the US and worldwide markets since 2004. Pocono specializes in Transdermal Delivery Systems (TDS), topical patches and kinesiology tapes. Many companies have been using Pocono to design and manufacture their unique patches and tapes. Pocono Pharma is a trusted contract manufacturer for matrix coated products, topicals and cosmetics.

Pocono Pharmaceutical became one of the subsidiaries of Nutriband Inc, a publicly traded company (NASDAQ:NTRB) in 2020. This acquisition expanded and strengthened Nutriband Inc. following its acquisition of 4P Therapeutics, a developer of transdermal and novel transdermal pharmaceutical products. Pocono is the contract manufacturing subsidiary of Nutriband, and 4P Therapeutics conducts pharmaceutical research and development with an emphasis on bring products through clinical development.

We collaborate with our partners and customers from the initial product concept and feasibility stage through commercial production. That includes formulation and manufacturing process development, product release testing, packaging and commercial production.

Pocono Pharma uses state of the art modern equipment and high quality raw materials for research and development and manufacturing of your product. Collaborating with our partner companies, we will be by your side at all stages of the development and production of your product. We can help you find the best material for your application and develop a manufacturing process that is scalable and cost-effective.


One of Pocono’s key principles is that all customer information and interactions are kept confidential. In addition, we always strive to meet the needs of our customers by having a flexible approach for each project. Our goal is to have a true partnership so that we can help you develop a product that is successful in the marketplace.

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Contact Us

Please contact us for more information on the benefits of our partnership and technologies for your potential application.

If you have any questions or comments, you may contact us:

Address: 100 Sweettree St., Cherryville, NC

Phone: +1 803 560 04 33


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