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About Transdermal Patches

The definition of the transdermal patches

Transdermal patches are one of the ways to deliver nutrients to the body, it is attached to your skin and it contains medication. The medicine from the patch is absorbed through the skin and into your body in a consistent and controlled manner.

There are different types of transdermal patches. There are some of them:

  • Amino acid patches,

  • Anti-inflammatory patches,

  • Anti-oxidant patches,

  • Vitamin patches (C, E, D, B1.B12, multi),

  • Collagen patches,

  • Energy patches,

  • Melatonin patches,

  • Mosquito patches,

  • Omega 3 patches,

  • Stress relief patches and others.

Transdermal patch layers

There are the following parts of transdermal patch:

Backing film – That layer protects the medicine formulation while wearing. Sometimes, it holds the drug formulation. So, the material of the backing film has to be durable and sustained.

Drug formulation – The active ingredient that will be absorbed through the skin.

Membrane – It determines the rate of medicine formulation that is absorbed through the skin.

Liner – It protects the skin-contacting adhesive and is removed right before using. The liner has to be compatible with the adhesive and drug formula, easy to peel off and meet regulatory requirements.

Adhesive or tape – It uses skin-friendly adhesive to secure the patch to the skin.

Pocono is an experienced manufacturer of Single-Layer Drug-in-Adhesive Patches. So, our qualified team is ready to cooperate with you!

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Designing and manufacturing a transdermal patch

While maintaining transdermal technology and transdermal patches preparation you have to remember the next: a controlled and consistent dosage and the duration of the use. It will influence both the drug formulation and the material selection of the patch and the stick-to-skin adhesives.

The manufacturing process of transdermal patches can be described as three transdermal patch techniques:

  • Drug formulation mixing

  • Coating

  • Converting

If you want to know more please click next – “Stages of transdermal and topical patches manufacturing”.

At Pocono, we are experienced in providing design consultation and custom converting.

The technology is not complicated.  A substance is applied in a high dosage to the inside of a patch, to wear it on the skin for a while.  So, the medication enters the bloodstream exactly through the skin.  It helps to maintain the constant concentration of medication in the blood.

Advantages of transdermal patches

Also known as a skin patch, a transdermal patch (tdds patch) is placed on the skin to deliver regular doses of medication into the bloodstream through the skin. It has next benefits over traditional pills, powder, or liquid medication delivery methods:

  • Eliminating first pass metabolism

  • Providing steady delivery/blood levels

  • Increasing convenience

  • Reducing systemic drug interactions

  • Minimizing abuse/diversion

  • Permitting dose discontinuation via removal

  • Avoidance of the hepatic first-pass effect leading to better bioavailability and fewer side effects for molecules with low oral bioavailability

  • Painless, eliminating the need for injections

  • Directed to a specific area of pain rather than a general body pain reliever

  • Bypassing the gastrointestinal tract

  • Reducing the risk of side effects.

Transdermal patches are used while:

Motion sickness, menopause, osteoporosis, angina, peripheral pain, herpes zoster and others.

Recently, the transdermal patches are also being used for hormonal contraceptives, antidepressants and painkillers delivery.

Pocono Pharmа will be useful for you to create and design the transdermal drug delivery systems from concept all the way through manufacturing and shipment.

How Pocono Pharma can Help

Pocono Pharmaceutical can help you evaluating if your compound is a good candidate for Topical or transdermal applications. That will include the review of some key physico-chemical characteristics of your molecule and the conduct of the initial in vitro and ex vivo permeation studies.

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