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Transdermal Patch Contract Manufacturing

How to make transdermal patches


To know how transdermal patches are made you have to be aware of the properties of the active ingredient (molecular weight, lipophilicity, dosage, salt, length of time worn, melting point of the active ingredient).

The process of developing and manufacturing transdermal patches happens together with our partner 4P Therapeutics. It is a clinical subsidiary of Nutriband Inc. (NTRB) focused on the research and development of new drug delivery technologies.




The method of manufacturing transdermal patches usually exists in the following ways: the properties of the drug, the dosage level and the time required to administer the drug.

As a leading medicinal patch manufacturer we choose the best approach because our specialists have great experience.




Pocono Pharma is a manufacturer of patches and we will choose the right materials for your project together with our partner 4P Therapeutics.

They are the following: the liner, backing, membrane, and overlaminate tapes.



The goal of this patch manufacturing process is to get the integration of the active and non-active ingredients that make up the formulation.

The first step of manufacturing transdermal patches is to fraction and weight each of the materials. While manufacturing transdermal patches it is important to control the correct dissolution and dispersion of the ingredients to guarantee the homogeneity of the adhesive mixture and to ensure the correct dosage.

The active pharmaceutical formula is mixed together with excipients (inactive substances) to form a batch of a liquid adhesive matrix.

Our method of manufacturing transdermal patches is based on absolute precision concerning ingredients, viscosity, temperature, pH and time. Also, the active drug substance may be mixed separately from the adhesive material and sealed together.

Our experience of manufacturing nutraceutical transdermal patches ensures we develop the right process for each product.



Next, the process of manufacturing nutraceutical transdermal patches consists of the following: the coating, which is a continuous process, where the mixture is uniformly coated, diligently monitored and tracked for consistency.




The entire laminated material is covered with a specially selected backing film (the active pharmaceutical ingredient that was mixed with the adhesive substance and is formed together with a protective backing material). The backing covers the entire matrix together, creating a single transdermal (topical) patch.




Converting includes processing the rolled goods and laminate materials, slitting to the appropriate width, then die-cutting to create the finished product or its components.

Once the final patches are converted into individual units, they are ready to be heat-sealed into their pouches for shipment.

Being leading medical patch manufacturers we know that your product has to meet the high-quality standards you expect.


Packaging and Lot Coding.jpg

8 – Packaging and Lot Coding

We provide the most efficient packaging solution among transdermal patch contract manufacturers by saving your time and money.

You can choose any option from hand packaging to fully automated, high-speed cartoning. As skin patch manufacturers we are able to complete primary packaging on the converting line. Plus, we have the ability to lot-code.

Keep Updated on FDA Guidelines

Pocono Company set up the production taking into account all FDA Guidelines which are constantly changing.

We unite with our partners from the design development to the materials selection while being a transdermal, topical patches and kinesio tapes (KTapes) custom manufacturer. So, it’s important to trust the specialists who understand the product, the process and its complexities.

We are a medicinal patch manufacturer to help you make the right choice at all stages of production, which in turn will save from 10 to 50% of production costs. Use our specialists’ skills!

If you or your company is considering working in a transdermal patch, topical patch or KTape development project, it is very important to partner with a professional and experienced partner of the transdermal niche that can ensure this production.

Why Contract Manufacturing

Pocono Pharmaceutical is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nutriband Inc (NTRB), focused on the manufacturing of topical and transdermal drug delivery technologies and therapeutics.

Pocono Pharmaceutical develops products that meet the needs of patients, physicians and payers. We have the capability to develop transdermal and topical products for clients as a contract manufacturer.

Transdermal delivery of commercially available drugs or biologics that are typically delivered via injection has the potential to improve safety, efficacy and therapeutic outcomes associated with these treatments.

We strive to meet our clients’ needs and always welcome the challenge of new products.

Transdermal Patch Formulation, Development, Manufacturing

By developing transdermal patches in a variety of therapeutic categories, our development portfolio includes pain management, cardiovascular and a wide variation of product opportunities

Pocono Pharmaceutical is one of the most experienced contract manufacturing companies which focuses on the manufacture transdermal patches, topical patches and kinesiology tapes (K-Tapes).

Examples of active ingredients that Pocono has manufactured includes CBD, CBN, caffeine, vitamins (B12, E and others) which are used to manage pain, energy levels, anxiety, and sleep disturbances. Transdermal patches (Transdermal Delivery Systems TDS) supply a certain dosage of substances or medications into the skin, which helps to absorb it into the bloodstream. Also, if you are interested in avoiding motion sickness, transdermal patches are a good solution to a problem.

Nowadays, Pocono as a manufacturer of patches proposes a safe, easy, effective way to supply the necessary ingredients (for example lidocaine, menthol, and most recently, CBD has also been added) with help of transdermal patches.

Manufacturing process of transdermal patches is a continuous transdermal or topical patch making process that has several stages which shows how complicated the production is. Let’s look at it in some detail.

We contract manufacture transdermal and topical products, customised to meet our customers needs. We contract manufacture a wide range of transdermal drug delivery products and topical products in our manufacturing facility in North Carolina.

Here at Pocono Pharmaceutical, we are transdermal and topical patch specialists. We are continually innovating, and finding new ways to optimise drug delivery for patient care.

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The Power Of Partnerships

We believe that success comes from close collaborations and shared visions to develop innovative products for patients and customers. Contact us today to learn more.

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